About AJGpr

AJGpr is a  boutique Los Angeles public relations and strategic communications firm founded in 2009 by PR specialist Alison Graham.  We design, develop, and execute dynamic and innovative media campaigns for personalities, authors, experts, businesses, products, brands, and events.

Providing specialized and unique branding and marketing, we blend creativity with media savvy. Our extensive and broad reaching list of media contacts enables us  to obtain prominent and consistent placements for our clients. We have created a niche market in branding author/experts in the area of parenting, psychology, health, fitness, and wellness.

Together AJGpr Founder and CEO Alison Graham and Public Relations Consultant, Sharon W. House have launched and impacted over 200 clients in the healthy living arena.

Experience + energy + creativity combine to make the  AJGpr  public relations team the best choice for creating your PR campaign in Los Angeles and beyond.