About AJGpr

AJGpr is a Los Angeles public relations and strategic communications firm founded in 2009 by PR specialist Alison Graham.  Alison designs, develops, and executes dynamic and innovative media campaigns for personalities, businesses, products, brands, and events. With a background in the arts and entertainment industry, Alison brings the ability to tell a compelling and unique story to each of her PR campaigns.

Alison’s work in PR began over 10 years ago at Much and House Public Relations where she designed and executed the communications campaigns for health and fitness experts Richard Simmons and Mari Winsor, poker professionals Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke,  products marketed by Guthy-Renker, the Humane Society’s annual Genesis Awards, as well as many authors and specific product launches.

At AJGpr, Alison continues to provide specialized  and unique branding and marketing as a result of her ability to blend her creativity with media savvy. Alison’s extensive and broad reaching list of press contacts enables her to obtain prominent and consistent media placement for her clients.

Alison received her B.A. in Romance Languages and Literatures from Princeton University and holds degrees from the Sorbonne and the Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

Experience + energy + creativity combine to make Alison Graham and AJGpr the best choice for creating your PR campaign in Los Angeles and beyond.