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Why Twitter?


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Why Twitter?

I am the first to admit when Twitter arrived on the scene I didn’t get it.  Then I heard Ellen Degeneres talk about “Tweeting” and I became intrigued, but still was not convinced I needed to do it. What were people talking about in 140 characters or less that could possibly matter?

Social Media came about as a way of connecting friends, family and people with similar interests. Then businesses turned to social media to connect with clients or customers who have an interest to their product. Facebook was the rage – and major medium to make these connections.

The Twitter appeared and began (and continues) to attract new users at astounding rates. It rapidly became the second most popular social media site next to Facebook. So I had to learn more – at least I had to open a Twitter account.  And I did.  It was a bit challenging to get my arms around this new social media format at first. But, I found a few loyal followers and began tweeting about my clients. I now follow over a thousand people and have more than 500  followers myself. And so as a “Tweeter” and a “Follower” here is what AJGpr has learned about Twitter:

  • Twitter is easy to navigate and update, link to and promote anything
  • Twitter reaches far beyond your inner circle of friends
  • One Twitter feed pools all users; anyone can follow anyone else unless blocked
  • Twitter is a pure communication tool that allows rapid responsiveness
  • You don’t have to be logged into Twitter to get updates; you can just use an RSS reader
  • Twitter is very interactive messaging platform with open APIs

Because Twitter delivers the news/the message the fastest of any other social networking medium, it CANNOT be overlooked when launching a PR campaign.  You can easily measure your reach with free tools like and


So, if you are not already using Twitter or encouraging your clients to use Twitter, start NOW. Anyone can drive ROI with Twitter by engaging followers through compelling content.  Simply tweeting can help make a messaging point go viral. Twitter can no longer be ignored.  It is an essential tool of any successful social media campaign.






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How to Harness the Power of Social Media For Your PR Campaign

We live in a hyper-connected world — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,Google+, and YouTube, and the value of maintaining a strong online presence can not be underestimated when planning a marketing or PR campaign. Social media is not only a powerful tool for individuals and organizations trying to achieve their business objectives, it is also an imperative element in the development of any effective business strategy.

Social media has changed the way the consumer talks about and interacts with brands. Whether on a website, on Facebook, or on Twitter, these channels are a breeding ground for conversations and their popularity among today’s consumer keeps growing as more people turn to the Internet to consume news. Since conversation and feedback can be channeled and encouraged, social media is rapidly delivering a new standard of interacting.

And while traditional media placements (TV, radio, and print) still have value, consumer opinion and rating, through social media, is considered an important source of credible, reliable information. Today, word-of mouth, through online channels, is often given even more consideration than third-party media in making purchasing decisions.

Having a large online presence with fans and followers can significantly impact on how your business interacts with consumers and ultimately attracts more clients.

The bottom line is you should pay attention to social media.  Knowing where the conversations are taking place and how to use social media for your campaigns should be at the top of every PR campaign.