What is PR?


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What is PR?

In this competitive world, media attention can make a company, organization, product, or individual stand out from the crowd.  Having an edge in the market place is crucial to the success of any company, organization, product, or individual. Some companies/individuals choose to invest in costly advertisement campaigns to enhance their public image. Others use public relations to get their message “out there.”

Public Relations, unlike advertising, guarantees a company, an organization, a product, or individual, third-party endorsement by providing media exposure through television, print, Internet, or radio. Such third-party endorsements effectively augment the reputation and image of a company, an organization, product or individual.

Public relations specialists often know as “image shapers” are hired to do just that — shape and maintain the image of a company, organization, or individual in the eyes of the client’s various target audience through media placements.  A PR specialist must first understand their clients mission and business goals before launching a media campaign.  Once this is established, and the target audience is defined, a skilled PR specialist uses her media contacts to present the company, organization, product, or individual in the best light.

PR is a very effective way to reach and influence a target audience and costs far less than advertising.

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