Brand Building

A Brand Is A Promise

AJGpr understands that branding is a key component to any marketing or public relations campaign.


Your brand is more than your name, logo, or slogan — it’s the entire experience your consumer (or prospective consumer) has with your company, product, or service. At the heart of your brand is the promise you make to your consumer and your ability to provide value and maintain consumer loyalty. Brand loyalty and reputation are built on keeping that promise.


As part of our PR service, AJGpr offers brand consultation. Having a well defined, strong, distinct, cohesive, and memorable brand “identity” is essential to engage consumers. This means that all the creative elements of your brand must be complementary and integrated with your public relations campaign.


AJGpr prides itself on working with you to build your brand, whether your company has an already established name and reputation or whether you are just entering the marketplace for the first time. AJGpr understands that to create a successful public relations campaign that draws attention from both the media and the consumer it is critical that brand identity and messaging are aligned.

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