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Why Choose A Boutique PR Firm?

Does size matter? I always say, “You don’t need a Park Avenue address to have Park Avenue clients.” And bigger isn’t always better, especially when you are talking PR.

A boutique agency, with know-how, media savvy, and contacts, can deliver as much compelling exposure in a wide range of traditional and online media as can a larger firm. In fact, if it is personal attention you are looking for, many say go with the boutique firm.

The advantages of choosing a boutique PR firm, particularly a Los Angeles boutique PR firm, are many. First and foremost, boutique agencies can provide many (if not all) of the same services and deliverables as a larger firm for a lot less money. At a boutique firm you have direct access to the top and get great client service from conception to completion. A boutique firm can focus more of its energy and time on each individual client to provide excellent service.

So how do choose the right boutique PR firm?  Start by doing your research and check out their website. So much in public relations happens on line now, they better get that right!  Look for client testimonials and media placements. Make a phone call and speak with the owner/CEO.  Take a meeting. How do they present themselves? Are their strategies on the same page as your business goals?  Ask for a PR proposal that outlines their strategy, media contacts, and of course, cost.  Some boutique PR firms work on project based fees, but most ask for a 3-4 month minimum retainer. You will know when the fit is right.  Trust your instincts.