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Crestview High Students Creates a YouTube Sensation
Gulf Coast Crestview High School senior, Ben White contacted me over the weekend about helping him promote the Crestview High School Lip Dub he directed.  It’s not common for a high school student from Florida to contact a LA based PR firm to create a campaign for a student made YouTube video.  But I was impressed with his initiative and took a look at this YouTube sensation.  Ben shot the Lip Dub video  in one take utilizing 700 members of their 1900 +/- student body (the schools  clubs, teams, and organizations were all represented).
Ben’s creative efforts went viral immediately racking up over 20,000 views the first day.  To date it has  over 83 thousand viewers and has received local broadcast press.
Lip Dub’s are a YouTube trend, where students (high school or college) show their school spirit in the form of a  music video that combines lip-synching and post audio dubbing. The idea for producing the Lip Dub at Crestview High was first conceived by Ben in a Leadership class as a way to inspire, excite, and motivate the students at their feeder schools. The student body came together to lip dub Firework by Katy Perry and Check It Out by Will.I.Am/Nicki Minaj. Crestview’s award winning band, marine biology students in wetsuits, culinary arts members with chef coats and flour speckled faces, school athletes (tennis rackets were swung, and basketballs, footballs, baseballs, softballs and volleyballs were tossed, cross-country runners are stretching, and wrestlers flexing their muscles);  a red caped banana guy and a green man, the Crestview Bulldog mascot, and a reenactment of the “Thinker” statue, a blonde in a red tutu and a Supergirl with a red cape, thespians and artists, dancers and cheerleaders; welders with masks; fishermen, rock gods, computer geeks, mimes, and regimented ROTC students, are all part of the production.
Suffice it to say that Ben White is now a client and I believe his and the students of Crestview High’s efforts are worth a watch. Share it to your friends and family.