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How do you define bratty behavior and how do you stop it? 

That is the question Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family co-hosts, bestselling author and chef Christina Ferrare and personality Mark Steines asked AJGpr client — parenting expert Betsy Brown Brown.

Betsy affirmed, “What parent hasn’t thought her child was a brat at one point or another And what child hasn’t been a brat at one point or another?” However a parent defines brattiness —

  • Your child resorts to crying or yelling when they want something.
  • Your child constantly throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want.
  • Your child is rude to you, other adults, and even to other children.
  • Your child refuses to share with other children.
  • Your child always has to be the center of attention.

the list goes on… whether your child really is a brat, at risk of becoming one, or is simply trying to grow up, Betsy, a renowned child development and behavior specialist, shares her tried and tested brat busters with the Home & Family audience.

Tune in on Tuesday, March 18th at 10:00 am/9:00 am Central to watch Betsy Brown Brown talk about “How to Bratproof Your Child” on Home & Family.


Betsy is the bestselling author of Just Tell Me What to Say: Sensible Tips and Scripts for Perplexed Parents (HarperCollins) and You’re Not The Boss Of Me: Bratproofing Your Four To Twelve Year Old (HarperCollins). She blogs on parenting for the Huffington Post and has an “Ask Betsy” column in the Pailsadian Post and is an expert source for the on line parenting video resource Kids in the House.






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Gym Comedy Dumbbells Is Surprisingly Sweet at Its Core
Village Voice

Dumbells, created by two actors…is a competent…gym-scene comedy
Los Angeles Times 

Dumbells,  set at a Los Angeles fitness center… at last…the satirical takedown this subject deserves
The New York Times 

AJGpr client Hoyt Richards co-wrote, co-produced and co-wrote Dummbells, a buddy comedy which, opens today January 10th in 13 cities across the United States.

New York City—–Village East
Los Angeles—–Crest Westwood
Atlanta—–AMC Southlake Pavilion
Chicago—–AMC Cicero
Dallas—–AMC Valley View
Ft Myers—–AMC Merchant Crossing
Milwaukee—–AMC Sart 12 Johnson Creek
Minneapolis—–AMC Showplace 16 Inner Creek
Little Rock—–Market Street Cinema
Ft Wayne—–Cinema Center
Juneau—–Goldtown Cinema
Detroit—–Cass City Cinema
Costa Mesa—–Triangel Square
Orlando—–Southcase 7 Cinema
Eugene—–Bijou Metro

DUMBBELLS follows Chris Long (Brian Drolet), an ex-NCAA star turned trainer who finds new purpose when his gym’s shallow new owner, Jack (Hoyt Richards), unleashes a lucrative plan to turn the neglected business into a reality show. When Chris’ complacent peers resist this new direction, he and Jack form an unlikely alliance that allows them to face the demons of their pasts and ultimately, save their gym’s future.

Look for hilarious cameos by Carl Reiner and  eccentrics Tom Arnold, Jay Mohr, Jaleel White, Andy Milonakis, and Fabio!


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AJGpr client Steven Angel and his Reading & Rhythm program was recently featured in a segment produced by Laura Diaz on Fox 11.

Steven was a child prodigy who started playing the drums at age three. At six, he played with the legendary Buddy Rich’s band, opened for Herman’s Hermits and The Animals while on tour in the US and Canada, and at 16, Steven recorded an album with Jimi Hendrix’s bass player. Today, Steven focuses his attention helping others with the beat of the drum with his non-profit organization Drumming for Your Life Institute (DFYL).

Of the four programs DFYL currently runs, their greatest expansion is with the Reading & Rhythm program. With Reading & Rhythm, Steven has created an innovative in-class or afterschool program that addresses the educational and psychological needs of struggling readers K-12.  Reading & Rhythm improves student’s reading scores by creating better comprehension and increased fluency.  Unlike other reading programs, which focus on left-brain learning, DFYL uses rhythm to integrate the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The use of rhythm wakes up the whole brain and organically integrating the both hemispheres of the brain – fostering Intuitive Intelligence.

Steven and his team of teachers witness daily the positive difference that Reading & Rhythm is making in the lives of kids who are struggling readers or illiterate. The inability to read well profoundly harms a child’s ability to succeed in school and in life. The merging of rhythm into the learning process helps transform negative energy into a positive force in the classroom. After participating in the 6-week program one LA-based middle school student declared, “Now, I feel smart.”

“Statistics show that students with low literacy are at high risk of failing to graduate high school, becoming unemployed, obtaining only low-paying jobs, living in poverty, and being convicted of a crime,” says Steven. His goal and that of DFYL is to address the nation’s reading crisis and alleviate illiteracy, which is growing in epic proportions in the United States.

Since its inception in 2002, the Reading & Rhythm program has witnessed tremendous growth reaching kids as far away as Massachusetts and London. In over a decade, more than 3,000 struggling kids have passed through the program increasing their reading scores by an average of 50%.

Steven, a leading advocate of the educational benefits of drumming, trains and certifies teachers and facilitators nationally in the Reading & Rhythm Teacher Training Program. Imagine how many kids in your school could benefit by bringing Reading & Rhythm into their classroom? Or with substantial funding, imagine how many kids DFYL could teach?





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Last July, Today’s Parent,  an online parenting magazine published an article by AJGpr client baby and toddler expert, Blythe Lipman entitled Toddlers Gone Wild!

Here it is – Enjoy!

Toddlers Gone Wild!

Why won’t my toddler listen? Are those words familiar? Toddlerhood is exciting! It’s a time when your little one is trying out his wings. He wants to do things by himself and doesn’t want you to tell or show him how to do it. But it’s your job to not only teach him about the world, but to set boundaries that will keep him safe during his exploration.

Remember, a toddler’s brain is like a sponge, he wants to know about everything. According to Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development, children 18 months to 3 years old need to attain the developmental task of autonomy.

It is not uncommon for you to hear your toddler say “NO!” even when your toddler means YES. This is one way for them to assert their independence. The use of the “NO” word is a manifestation of your tots developing sense of autonomy.

And many times when you tell him no, he just won’t listen. So it can be a constant tug of war.

Here are a dozen tips to tame your toddler while making the world his oyster?

1. Set up ground rules and stick to them. Does he hold your hand while shopping? Does he brush his teeth after each meal? Your rules, the same way each time.

2. Repeat your request twice and remind your toddler what the consequence will be if he doesn’t listen and follow-through.

3. Be consistent no matter how tired you might be. Toddlers and surprises are the perfect mix for a meltdown. Knowing what to expect will make everyone’s life easier.

4. “No means No” it doesn’t mean maybe. If you need to give an explanation, use as few words as necessary. Most toddlers don’t hear more than the first five words anyway.

5. Don’t lose your cool or it’s all over. Toddlers are smart and they know how to push your buttons.

6. Talk to your hubby or partner and make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to your toddler. United you stand in front of your precious. Keep disagreements behind closed doors.

7. Use positive reinforcement with your toddler. Tell him what a great job he’s doing but don’t overdo it. He can’t and won’t hit the mark every time. It’s not only impossible but the perfect set-up for failure. Keep the gushing to a minimum.

8. When it’s time for bed, bath, school, etc. leave extra time to get ready and give your toddler a 10-minute heads up. Transition can be difficult at this age.

9. If he gives you a hard time and won’t listen, try this. Purchase a timer, set it and let him know when it rings it’s time to stop what he’s doing and move on to the next activity.

10. Make a sticker chart but keep it simple. Pick a task that he has a difficult time completing and give a sticker for each success. Five stickers earn a special treat like frozen yogurt, a Hershey’s kiss along with a hug will bring a smile. It’s not necessary to go to the toy store and spend lots of money.

11. As a last resort, make a time-out toy box and take away a favorite toy. Leave the toy in time-out until your toddler does what you asked. Sometimes an easier concept to understand than putting him in time-out.

12. There is nothing more important than being a good role model. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So when you see your toddler do something just like you, know in your heart that you are doing a great job!

Blythe Lipman is the president of Baby Instructions and author of two award-winning parenting books, Help! My Baby Came Without Instructions and Help! My Toddler Came Without Instructions.

You can hear Blythe host her weekly radio show Baby and Toddler Instructions every Wednesday, 11am EST.

Blythe is also available for in-home, video, and telephone consultations. Contact Blythe at or call her office (480)-510-1453. Become Blythe’s Fan on Facebook and follower her on Twitter.

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AJGpr has the pleasure to announce that the trailer for DUMBBELLS is now on HULU. If you are not a member of HULU then watch it here and be ready to laugh ’till your side hurts.

DUMBBELLS is a hilarious buddy comedy co-written and co-starring AJGpr client Hoyt Richards. With his co-star, co-writer, and co-produder Brian Drolet — Hoyt has put together an outstanding ensemble including comedic legend Carl Reiner, eccentrics Tom Arnold, Jay Mohr, Jaleel White and Andy Milonakis, and celebrated male model Fabio.

During the 80’s and 90’s, Hoyt Richards was the biggest name in male modeling and sometimes referred to as the  “first male Supermodel.” He was photographed by the best in the business  — Bruce Weber, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, and Horst and was the face that launched a thousand advertising campaigns including Gianni Versace, Valentino, Gianfranco Ferrè, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Dunhill, Cartier, and Donna Karan. Now he is living the Hollywood dream with his movie set for release January 10, 2014.

DUMBBELLS follows Chris Long, an ex-NCAA star turned trainer who finds new purpose when his gym’s shallow new owner, Jack, unleashes a lucrative plan to turn the neglected business into a reality show. When Chris’ complacent peers resist this new direction, he and Jack form an unlikely alliance that allows them to face the demons of their pasts and ultimately, save their gym’s future.

The movie is getting an early “buzz” around Hollywood with press talking — AidyReview.comBroadwayworld.comDailymotion.comScreenDaily.comThe New York Times,  and The Washington Post to name a few.





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AJGpr client, Dr. Rita Eichenstein, a licensed psychologist with post-doctoral training in pediatric neuropsychology and special education recently launched a blog called Positively Atypical, directed to parents of children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, autism spectrum, gifted populations, as well as quirky kids who don’t fit any diagnosis but still face challenges.

On October 16th, Dr. Rita was guest on Straight Talk with Nick Lawrence to discuss her upcoming book Positively Atypical: How Your Well-Being Affects Your Special-Needs Child—And What You Can Do About It.

Dr. Rita’s life’s work has been to reach out, support, and counsel atypical children and their parents. Positively Atypical is the distillation of 25 years in private practice at Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles, California, specializing in pediatric neuropsychological assessments and parent training skills.









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AJGpr client, Boni Lonnsburry, CEO of Inner Art Inc., an expert in “conscious creation,” and author of the award-winning book The Map To Our Responsive Universe — Where Dreams Really Do Come True! recently shared her “blueprint” for a life of sustained happiness with host Nick Lawrence on Straight Talk (WEEU Radio).

Lawrence asks Boni to share her “rags to riches” personal life journey with listeners and her step-by-step guide to living a completely satisfying life outlined in her book The Map. Listen and you will learn strategies to change your “unconscious creation”, which we all do, into “conscious creation” or buy The Map today and start your journey to fulfillment and happiness in life.

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What to Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant: The Complete Guide to All the TechnologiesFor Couples Facing Fertility Problem

By Daniel A. Potter, MD, FACOG and Jennifer S. Hanin, MA

What to Do When You Can’t Get Pregnant was lauded by Newsweek for guiding readers through the “medical maze” of infertility treatments she it was first released 5 years ago. Now in its second edition (available for pre-order on Amazon and due in bookstores on November 26th), co-authors and AJGpr clients world-renowned fertility expert Daniel A. Potter, MD, FACOG named one of the top reproductive endocrinologists by U. S. World News & World Report and Jennifer S. Hanin, MA, award-winning author, bring the book up-to-date.

Potter and Hanin include significant updates to up your game when trying to get pregnant — up-to-date statistics, proven tips to maximize your fertility, the latest medications, genetic testing like PGS and PDG that give you a head start, revolutionary new procedures for handling your frozen brood (eggs and embryo), hormone replacement, gender selection, and even revolutionary new supplements for infertile men.

To help promote the release of the second edition of What to Do When You Can’t Get PregnantAJGpr has booked Potter and Hanin on several radio shows.  Listen to Jennifer Hanin on  Talk of the Town with Host Dan Collier Boston, MA/Providence, RI (WDIS) and  LIVE on the Steve Hexom Show (KBUR).


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Miley Cyrus — “I gave her those legs” says Mari Winsor

Yesterday,, published a story on Miley Cyrus’s style choices and interviewed AJGpr client, the Queeen of Pilates, Mari Winsor about her contributions to Miley’s fab abs and long, lean leg as her personal Pilates trainer.


Miley Cyrus’s Pilates Instructor, On How to Get the Star’s Crop Top-Ready Abs and Super-Lean Legs

Regardless of our thoughts on Miley Cyrus‘s sartorial choices these days there’s no denying that she’s gotten herself into amazing shape in order to wear the, shall we say, often skimpy getups she now favors.

So while we’re not sure we ourselves would wear a pink satin bra and mini with creepers to our own album release party (and this is the tamer of the two outfits she wore) we are interested in how one would shape up to look that good in that outfit.

Enter Mari Winsor, an L.A.-based Pilates instructor whose studio Cyrus has been spotted leaving many times this year. “I gave her those legs,” Mari tells PEOPLE of Cyrus’s now oft-exposed stems. “She’s always going to have those long gorgeous legs. We just toned and firmed in all the right places.”

After Cyrus got sick of the paparazzi following her to her daily workouts, she installed a studio in her own home, where Winsor pays house calls when Cyrus’s busy schedule permits. “She wants to be healthy, she wants to have good abs,” Winsor says. “It always makes her feel better and clearer when she works out.”

So what’s on Cyrus’s Pilates routine that keeps her in such amazing shape? “When we work out we don’t just do a couple of moves,” Winsor says, adding they do the sidekick series and Cadillacs for legs and butt, then plenty of ab work to ensure Cyrus can get into a crop top on a moment’s notice. “It’s at least a half an hour of working out … You have to learn how to not just tighten up your tummy but actually pull your tummy in to your lower back as much as you can,” she says. “Just doing 40 crunches a day isn’t gonna do it for you.”

Want to see Cyrus’s favorite moves in action (and work towards your own set of leg-baring granny panties)? Winsor’s latest DVD is Pink Ribbon Pilates, which donates a percentage of proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. And though twerking is not on the DVD, Winsor says she fully supports that portion of Cyrus’s workout routine as well. “Doesn’t every woman like to shake their booty a little bit? C’mon!” she says. “It feels good to shake that s–t loose a little bit.”

Sign up for Mari Winsor’s newsletter at the bottom of her winsorfit home page here.

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On Thursday, September 5, 2013, Well & Good NYC, published an interview with AJGpr client, Mari Winsor — lovingly known as the Queen of Pilates entitled Mari Winsor: How Pilates Keeps Her Young at 63.

Mari currently owns two studios in Southern California — West Hollywood and Santa Monica where clients work with top trainers privately, semi-privately and in group mat classes.

Below is the Well & Good NYC interview with journalist Lisa Elaine Held.

Mari Winsor: How Pilates Keeps Her Young at 63

Famed Los Angeles instructor Mari Winsor is part of the Pilates vanguard. And at 63, she continues to expand her fitness empire, with celebrity clients (like Miley Cyrus—Winsor’s responsible for her abs, but not for that dance), and a new DVD out this week.

The DVD, Pink Ribbon Pilates, includes five 20-minute Pilates workouts, one of which is specifically designed to help breast cancer survivors during recovery from surgery and illness. (A percentage of each purchase goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.)

“There are a lot of workouts that don’t focus on what somebody can do when they’re not quite 100 percent,” Winsor says. “They want to do something for their bodies, but they don’t know what to do.”

That’s true even for healthy people—particularly as they get older. We asked Winsor to dish on how she stays fit, healthy, and happy as she ages—and for her advice on how those who haven’t (yet) dedicated their lives to fitness can follow her.

How long have you been doing Pilates? I feel like my whole life. I was a dancer for 20 years, and I had a nice dance career. I danced with Michael Jackson and did some movies. As time wore on, you go, “Well, hmm, I’m not going to be able to do this forever.” That’s when my friend who was the lead dancer for the Ailey company suggested I try Pilates. I found a place, and then along came Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates’ protege). I went and had one lesson with her when she visited LA, and I was like “Okay, this is it. This is what I need to learn.” I glued myself to her side.

At 63, you look incredible. I’m sure people must tell you that all of the time. Is it the Pilates? What’s your daily fitness routine like? I practice Pilates six days a week, and I also walk, and I do ballet class a couple times a week. For me, Pilates works from the inside out. You’re building flexibility and strength at the same time and strengthening your core, which is essential to holding on to good posture as you get older. But no matter what kind of workout you do, as long as you’re happy with it, you’re going to look and feel younger if you keep doing it. If you enjoy what you’re doing, no matter how many wrinkles you have, that youthful energy shines through.

That’s great advice. What about for people who are finding it challenging to work out as they age? Do you have tips for them? It’s a day-to-day challenge; it’s not easy. Sometimes you kind of have to force yourself to move around a little bit, even if it’s just talking a walk, doing some deep breathing. You want 20 minutes of constant motion. They say aerobically you need to have 20 minutes of constant movement to get benefits. With Pilates, you are in constant motion from the beginning to the end if you do it properly.

Is there anything else that’s not related to fitness that you think helps you feel and look great as you age? I think that beauty comes from within. If you’re at peace with yourself, and you’re a happy person, and you’re kind and have ethics, that shows. That glows through.

For more information, visit or check out Pink Ribbon Pilates.