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The effect of sitting for prolonged periods can cause strain on the neck and shoulders, back, hips, and legs. In addition, prolonged sitting is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and premature death. Scary? Yes.

Not so scary anymore since nationally recognized celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher, AJGpr client, Kristin McGee came up with a solution in her new book, Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You (HarperCollins, January 17, 2017). Chair Yoga is for anyone who is sedentary…at their desk, watching television, waiting in a doctor’s office, on a plane, or stuck in traffic during a commute.

A longtime yogi and Pilate’s instructor, Kristin knows that adding the practice of yoga to one’s fitness routine has physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. She has harnessed her knowledge and beliefs into a comprehensive, accessible, and easy-to-follow yoga instruction guide of 100 chair yoga poses and exercises that can be done daily anywhere, anytime.  In just minutes a day, these simple exercises will help activate the breath, the body, and focus the mind to improve one’s happiness and wellbeing.

Chair Yoga has so many benefits — even for that reader who works out daily — adding a gently chair yoga pose here and there throughout the day centers and re-energizes oneself by igniting the breath.

Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You (HarperCollins) is a fun, accessible guide to 100 yoga poses and exercises can be done daily anywhere, anytime, in a chair and garner remarkable physical and mental health rewards.

You don’t need a mat, you don’t have to stand, and you don’t need to wear yoga pants (though you can if you want to). Just grab a chair and get started.

Kristin created Chair Yoga for the majority of Americans living a sedentary lifestyle and those who find it difficult to fit movement or exercise into their day and the poses are easy enough for all ages and stages. Chair Yoga can be done in a myriad of places: at your desk; on an airplane, bus, or subway; a doctor’s office waiting room, or on your couch at home.

Divided into chapters organized by body part, each exercise includes step-by- step instructions and easy to follow photos. Plus, there are bonus chapters with 5 and 10-minute routines.

For Kristin, “the art of yoga is being able to be present anywhere and tap into your vital life force to keep your body flexible, strong, and healthy.”


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