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My client, parenting expert and bestselling author of Just Tell Me What To Say and You’re Not The Boss of Me, Betsy Brown Braun was a recent guest on America Now. If you want to catch what she has to say and learn how you can set up an allowance system for your child watch here.

Betsy suggests several chores that will help your kids learn how to earn.

Potential Chores for Children:

  • Set the table
  • Clear the rest of the table, after each person clears her plate;
    push in the chairs, put placements away, sponge off the table,
    dust-bust under the table
  • Empty the dishwasher (starting at age six; breakables may require help)
  • Empty the silverware container of the dishwasher (at age four or five)
  • Empty the small room wastebaskets into the kitchen trash
  • Sort the laundry by color or by owner
  • Put clean socks together by pairs
  • Carry laundry to owners’ rooms
  • Bring in the newspaper
  • Bring in the mail
  • Take out the big trash bins; bring in the empty trash bins
  • Feed the pet; fill the water dish
  • Clean up the pet poop
  • Water outdoor plants
  • Pick up/rake leaves from specific areas
  • Sweep patio/porch/walkway/garage
  • Dust-bust the car
  • Dust bust anywhere!
  • Wash (spritz) the car windows
  • Sweep/dust-bust kitchen or common areas
  • Sponge off family room table; straighten the magazines

Betsy says that powerful kids make powerful adults, and power begins with personal responsibility.  If you start with a very small base pay, set up a regular schedule of chores above and beyond the base pay. Be consistent with the allowance and your child will have a more powerful understanding of why money matters.




The second is a segment about implementing an allowance system.

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